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Vue de la mangrove dans les îlets du Robert en Martinique

Mangroves in Martinique

Come to discover the mangrove in Martinique.
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Pélican de Martinique

Birds of Martinique

Come to discover the birds of Martinique.
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Turtles and cetaceans in Martinique

Come to discover the turtles and cetaceans in Martinique.
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Iguanas in Martinique

Come to Martinique to discover the iguanas.
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Etoile de mer commun en Martinique

Echinoderms and molluscs of Martinique

Come to discover the echinoderms and molluscs of Martinique.
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Découvrir le corail corne d

The corals of Martinique

Come to discover the corals in Martinique
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Observer un poissons chirurgien bleu avec Dénébola en Martinique

The fish of Martinique

Discover the fish of Martinique
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Taste Clément rums aboard the sailboat Dénébola in Martinique

Martinique is renowned for its rum production. There are many rum factories on the island.  Habitation Clément is one of Martinique's oldest and best-known rum distilleries. 
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Une journée voilier en Martinique

Martinique nautical guide

Are you coming to sail in Martinique or planning to rent a boat to sail around the island ? Sailing around Martinique offers idyllic, uncrowded anchorages, particularly on the windward coast.
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Voilier Dénébola au large de l

5 reasons to choose Dénébola for your boat trip in Martinique

Looking for a day trip on a sailboat? Dénébola is just what you're looking for! 
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Sailing cruises from Martinique

What could be better than discovering new destinations by sea on a sailing cruise? Martinique is an idyllic location for sailing cruises, but it's also a starting point for boat cruises to other destinations. In addition to cruising around the island, there are 2 flagship destinations from Martinique: the Grenadines and the Guadeloupe archipelago.
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Catamarans au large d

Not-to-be-missed nautical events in Martinique

Martinique is a rich territory when it comes to nautical activities, which are diverse and varied. Many events involve sailing, and can last up to several days.
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La ferme écologique An

An Griyav’la farm in Le Robert, Martinique

Are you traveling to Martinique and want to discover the local flavors? The An Griyav'la farm offers gustatory discoveries on their estate or during excursions on the sailboat with Dénébola.
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Une journée voilier en Martinique

Martinique: The keys to a successful sailing day !

Would you like to organize a boat trip in Martinique  and don't know where to start ? Whether you want to privatize the boat  or complete a group, we're going to give you all the advice you need to prepare your wonderful day out on the water in Martinique.
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Randonnée palmée en Martinique avec Dénébola

The islets and white bottoms of Robert in Martinique

The town of Le Robert, on Martinique's Atlantic coast, is considered the island's third largest in terms of population.  It offers locals and tourists alike a vast bay and beautiful white seabed. The bay is made up of 10 islets, varying in size and abundant in terrestrial and underwater species.  These islets have been under...
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Les activités nautiques incontournables en Martinique

Top 10 water sports in Martinique

The island of Martinique is full of possibilities in terms of water activities, whether on the surface or in the depths, there's something for everyone. Here are 10 water activities you can enjoy during your stay in Martinique.
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Naviguer à la voile de manière éco responsable en Martinique, le voilier Dénébola

Eco-responsible sailing in Martinique

Are you environmentally conscious and want to sail in an ecologically responsible way?  Dénébola is the formula for you! We offer you the chance to spend a day discovering the world of sailing, but also to discover the passion of a captain and to learn a few eco-gestures to apply.
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Le voilier Dénébola aux îlets du Robert

Why team-building on a sailboat in Martinique?

More and more companies are organizing "team building" events to strengthen understanding between employees within their organization. What could be better than choosing Martinique as a destination for a week-long event?  Local companies may prefer a one-day team building event. In this case, we recommend a team day on the sailing boat Dénébola.
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Catamaran, voilier monocoque et bateau à moteur

What type of boat should you choose for a sea trip in Martinique ?

If you've come to Martinique for a vacation and you're planning a boat trip . You're probably wondering what type of boat to choose, and we're going to give you all the information you need to make your choice. What better way to discover the Martinique coast than from the sea? There's so much to...
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