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We take you in small groups on sailing cruises to see the Atlantic coast (Windward coast) or Martinique and its biodiversity.

Our sea trips respect the environment by eco-responsible sea-going activities, navigation under sail, snorkeling excursions with fins, stand-up -paddle. Our sea trips are for holiday makers looking for authentic outings, but also for Martinique residents who wish to discover their island in a different way.

Délice et Bastien de Dénébola devant la roulotte

Our sailing trips allow enable you to visit Martinique in small groups in a friendly atmosphere and in harmony with nature. We wish to share with you our passion for the sea and our love for these magnificent sites on the Windward coast of the island:islets, white sandbanks (fonds blancs) coral reefs, wide  bays bordered by mangroves, small deserted islets, an island inhabited by iguanas, the bird sanctuaries.

Our story

Important dates of the project

Dénébola is a small structure created by a woman  Délice NOUEL. See below the chief dates concerning this enterprise :

  • 2007 : Diploma Capitaine 2000 sail skipper at Trinité Sailing School, Martinique
  • 2008 : State Certificate for deep-sea diving
  • 2009 : Creation of first daily excursion formulas
  • 2012 : Acquisition of yacht DENEBOLA KAIDOZ 31
  • 2013 : Taking part in sea-going ecotourism
  • 2019 : Rewarded with the QUALITY TOURISM LABEL
  • 2022 : Setup of the "Voile Nature" concept

The spirit of Dénébola

Discover how we think our sea tours
Logo monde

Eco Tourism

Navigation under sail, use of solar power,eco-friendly actions and our information brochures on the ecosystems permit a respectful approach to the fauna and flora.

Logo groupe

Small Group

Personnalised excursions in  a small group where the skipper offers you real moments of sharing; a guarantee of a relaxing and good-good-humoured atmosphere.

Logo carte


Discovery of the Atlantic coast of Martinique:its geological and cultural  specificities.Discovery of the local gastronomy with produce from the AN GRIYAV’LA  farm and tasting a selection of excellent CLEMENT RUMSE.

Logo activités


We offer eco-responsible  nautical activities such as navigation under sail, snorkeling with fins  and stand-up paddle to make your day very enjoyable.

Logo sécurité


For your safety,safety, we sail in the Bay of Robert which is protected by a coral reef, ideal for those sailing for the first time, as the yacht has a large cockpit.

Logo compétences


Our skippers are certified Captaine 2000 sail.Our team is made up so you can enjoy nautical activity at your own rhythm run in complete security.

An Eco-tourism Pledge

Discovery and respect of the fauna and flora

Mastering the Energy

We maximize the use of renewable energies-wind to advance, and solar power for all energy used on board.

Respect and discovery of fauna and flora

 The choice of silent navigation at reduced speed does not disturb the fauna and flora. Our information brochures will give you all the information on the species you find.

Buying Wisely and Treatment of Waste

 We sort waste and use 100% organic cleaning materials. We do not use single-use crockery or implements.

Formation and Involvement of our Captains

Our captains have been formed on marine eco-system preservation in Martinique. We also take part in voluntary actions for the good of the planet.

Our team

To have a good time
Délice de Dénébola à bord du voilier


Délice created « Dénébola » with  passion and it’s this same passion which will guide your day.Délice has  been sailing on the Windward coast of Martinique since childhood and you will be in good  hands.

Bastien le skipper du voilier Dénébola


Bastien has found a job which fits him like a glove and it shows! He is happy to take you sailing round the islets. He is very strict on safety, but relaxed and looks well after his passengers. He takes time to reply to all your questions.

Les fermiers de la ferme écologique An Griyav'La

Alice & Emile

Farmer and cook
Emile Rosalie has worked hard to create his agrotourism site.His wife Alice, using their own produce, cooks delicious food which you can taste on board Dénébola. A discovery of home-cooked local flavors.

Jérémie de Dénébola


Jeremie is original and passionate. He builds « praos »-(Polynesian-type boats), and a few years ago opened a sail-shop-ships chandler. He has designed the sails, the awning , even the cushions for Dénébola. Many thanks Jeremie

Our boat

Ready to board on the Kaïdoz ?

Dénébola is the only Kaïdoz 31 on Martinique. It’s a modern yacht giving the sensation of smooth speed,  with a fine-touch helm, a design worthy of a racing yacht, and comfort because of her big shady cockpit and cushioned seating.

An Eco-responsible boat

A boat which advances well under sail Great! Even with a little wind the Kaïdoz keeps its direction and ensures 100% navigation under sail. You can go to the beach by swimming ,by paddle, or with an annex craft complete with electric motor (clean and silent). The batteries are recharged by solar power, and the toilettes are equipped with storage tanks.

A Comfortable boat

When you are comfortably installed in the cockpit, you will appreciate its high-quality seating. An awning protects you from sun and rain. To facilitate swimming there is a very practical ladder on the quarterdeck to go easily into the water.Your bags stored in the cabin are protected from the spray.The toilets are situated there too. The big coffers under the seats have space for stocking nautical material

A safe boat

The conception of this single-hulled yacht gives you perfect security; Its hoops give you very good protection and you can stand up with no problem. For those who haven’t sea-legs, when the yacht lists the seating in the cockpit keeps you in place. Your skipper takes care of everything and makes sure you are all at  ease

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