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From the Cabrits islet (south end) up to the Pointe de la Caravelle (North-West), the coast of Martinique exposed to the wind is unique. Some guides present it as one of the most beautiful of all the Caribbean.

Le Robert

A Region Full Of Surprises

The Haven of Le Robert is a  zone ideal for sailing. The Bay is protected by a big coral barrier reef and a string of 10 islets among the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

The bay is set between two undulating hills which advance into the sea: the Pointe Jean-Claude in the North and the Pointe Larose in the South; There is an exceptional fauna and flora. Many small bays have helped the growth of mangrove swamps of rare beauty.And huddling in the rear of this marvelous bay is the town of Le Robert.

The Côte-au-vent

A piece of paradise in Martinique ...

The Atlantic coast of Martinique (known as “Côte au-vent”) is part of the East coast of Martinique . It faces the Atlantic Ocean and the trade winds, and stretches from the Pointe des Salines in the South to Havre de Trinité in the North.

This coast is a navigation zone which rivals the finest sites of the Lesser West Indies by the beauty of its seascapes. Sailing is more technical than on the Leeward coast because you have to know the « passes » between the coral reefs and the islets.

Anchorages are numerous, varied and safe because of the many bays sheltered from the wind and the swell. It is less visited than the Leeward coast, which increases its charm.

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Nautical guide to Martinique

For those who wish to know more about sailing around Martinique, chiefly its windward coast. This Guide is indispensable for sailing in the zone. You can find the Guide in bookshops and ship chandlers at Le Marin and Fort de France. You can also order it at the following address [email protected]


An Griyav'la agrotourism farm

Emile Rosalie the owner: he has been a farmer for 20 years, and a guide for visitors who wish to discover the plants, trees and fruit of Martinique, a variety of fruit and vegetables according to the season.The farm also has a market-garden, fish ponds, citrus groves, cows, sheep, and poultry.



Embark on Aquamana, a typical Caribbean yole for breathtaking outings! First see the marine life at the AGOA Sanctuary , with explanations by the captain: discover the Grotte des Chauve- Souris (Grotto of Bats) , and then swim with the green tortoises of Anse Dufour.


Ocean Garden

At Diamant in the South-west of Martinique the Jardin de L’Océan greets you in a warm friendly atmosphere; Very near the beach our residence has 5 lodgings, with a private communal pool. All lodgings are decorated differently and ca receive 2,3, 4 or 5 visitors. They are ideal for a couple, or for family holidays, or holidays between friends, in the South of the Caribbean coast of Martinique.



With Madisail embark on the floaters of a trimaran which has taken part in many well-known races. Sensations, the beauty of the Caribbean coast of Martinique, with a departure from Schoelcher (Reservation on line, and secure payment system)


Clément rum and habitation Clément

Habitation Clement has , as well as its beautiful old dwelling house, an ancient distillery restored in 2005 and made into a cultural centre, vats for aging rum,a botanical garden and exhibition centre, all in the heart of an agricultural property growing sugar cane. It is situated near the town of Le François. Habitation Clement is one of the principal elements of the agricultural and industrial heritage of Martinique. The changes which took place at the Habitation Clement closely reflect the economic and social history of Martinique.


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