Tours and pricing

Tours & pricing

Discover our offers for unforgettable sea trips

You can choose complete a group or privately rent the boat, bring your own picnic or reserve the all-all-inclusive formula, or rent a kit for a snorkel expedition.

Private Rental

Rent Dénébola privately for a day at sea chosen by yourself. An unforgettable moment of sharing with family or friends.

A day with Dénébola

A day’s ecotourism which allows lovers of nature-in a small group- to discover exceptional sites, white sandbanks, coral reefs, the islet inhabited by iguanas.

Our prices

At a glance

A day with Denebola

70€ (without meal)
100€ (with meal)

50€ (without repas)
70€ (with repas)

Private rental

630€ (without meal)
30€ (adult meal)
20€ (child meal)

9 people max

Our options

To an even more pleasant time
Logo repas


30€ per adult

100% local with produce of AN GRIYAL’LA farm. You will be greeted with local fruit juice (goyave, maracula; groseille pays, prunes de cythère  according to the season). You will taste vegetarian accras  (pumpkin,pepper, carrot….) with your choice of drinks: home -made planteur punch, ti-punch, coco punch, coffee, still and sparkling water; (CLEMENT white rum and old rum at your disposal). Local crudities with a speciality of Martinque cucumber and smoked herring. Gratin de légumes pays (local vegetables with breadcrumbs and grated cheese) manioc, vegetable bananas,)rice and browned chicken marinated in old rum. Fruit of the Garden. Vanilla and cinnamon  flavoured biscuits will be served with cold drinks;(including beer). Are you a vegetarian? We can customize the menu for you. Tell us if you eat fish or eggs.

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10€ per person

Rent this kit for a safe exploration. (long-sleeved lycra top, mask, snorkel and fins, signal float, brochures showing the marine life you will see). This kit gives you mask and snorkel (disinfected), a lycra top for sun protection (sun creams and lotions are bad for the coral),a float to indicate your position in the water, and explanatory brochures on the fauna and flora with commentaries from your skipper.

Les repas locaux de la ferme éco-responsable au Robert en Martinique
Groupe de passagers du voilier Dénébola faisant du snorkeling dans les fonds blancs à l

An Eco-tourism Pledge

Discovery and respect of the fauna and flora

Mastering the Energy

We maximize the use of renewable energies-wind to advance, and solar power for all energy used on board.

Respect and discovery of fauna and flora

 The choice of silent navigation at reduced speed does not disturb the fauna and flora. Our information brochures will give you all the information on the species you find.

Buying Wisely and Treatment of Waste

 We sort waste and use 100% organic cleaning materials. We do not use single-use crockery or implements.

Formation and Involvement of our Captains

Our captains have been formed on marine eco-system preservation in Martinique. We also take part in voluntary actions for the good of the planet.

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