A day with Dénébola

A day with Dénébola

More than a discovery, an experience to live!

Board the comfortable sailing boat Dénébola with your professional skipper to discover the Ilets du Robert. The navigation is sailing and if you wish, you can maneuver! A day of nautical eco-tourism to discover the marine ecosystems of Martinique.

Délice de Dénébola avec le groupe de passager sur le voilier



Rendez-vous on the small beach of Pointe Fort at the caravan Dénébola. After a reminder of eco-actions your captain takes you by boat to the yacht. At 9.00, embarcation, safety instructions, we hoist the mainsail and cast off!

Navigation under Sail

How pleasant it is to sail pushed by the wind and comfortably seated in the spacious cockpit of Dénébola. The boat is ideal for trying out sailing in complete safety. You are at the helm, watched carefully by the skipper. Ready about !! The boat lists a little, as is normal for a single hull. Although the bay can be breezy, it is protected from the swell, and we will tack to go towards Islet Madame.

At 10.30, approaching Islet Madame , we are shown an extraordinary graduation of turquoise colors because of the coral reef which shelters a herbarium and because of the white sandbanks (fonds blanc). Swimmers will enjoy swimming to the Islet, relaxing in the warm quite shallow waters (fonds blanc) The other passengers will be set down on the landing stage by the Captain. It is also possible to explore the seabed using fins.(see nautical activities)


A friendly lunch in the shade of verandas ,on tables arranged on Islet Madame. We have an apéritif with a view over the turquoise waters of the fonds blancs. You can choose between fruit juice, a home-made Planteur punch, a ti-punch, coco punch or coffee. You can picnic or have the meal and drinks (to order when reserving). Fully inclusive formula 100% local with produce from AN GRIYAV’LA farm. For the aperitif try vegetarian accras with drinks of your choice as shown above. 1et course: crudities are a speciality of Martinique, especially cucumber and smoked herring. Main course (hot) : Gratin de légumes pays (local vegetables cooked with breadcrumbs and grated cheese),rice, browned chicken marinated in old rum.

Direction the iguanas of Islet Chancel

We cross the bay under sail to anchor at Islet Chancel where live the friendly iguanas peculiar to the Lesser West Indies. We discover the ruins of an ancient pottery and a lime kiln dating from the late 17th century.
Islet Chancel has a very special vegetation which seems to « whisper » the history of Martinique when the sugar-refining activity flourished.

Sailing back

We wind up the anchor, set the sails and return calmly running before the wind. Early evening colors illuminate the Islet à Eau, Isletaux Rats, and Islet Petite Martinique. While sailing we have a snack. The more curious among us can consult the information brochures on marine life, corals, sponges, fish, illustrated with beautiful photos.


Arrival at Pointe Fort, landing on the beach around 4.30pm

* The program can be reviewed according to the weather conditions

Prices & Options


Adult | 70€ per person (without meal)
Child | 50€ per child (without meal)
Free for children under 2 years old

This price includes:
– Day on the yacht
– Professional skipper
– CLEMENT white rums and old rums
– Fresh water
– Chatrou (see explanation leaflet on 80 examples of marine life around Martinique.

Lunch and drinks

If you do not bring your picnic Dénébola offers a 100% local menu: vegetarian acras and raw vegetables. The hot dish: Country vegetable gratin, rice and scorched chicken marinated in old rum. Drinks: homemade juice, homemade planter, ti-punch, coconut or coffee punch, beers, still and sparkling water. For dessert: the fruits of the garden. The taste: shortbread vanilla or cinnamon. Are you a vegetarian? We can customize the menu for you. Tell us if you eat fish or eggs.
30€ per adult and 20€ for children under 12

Nautical activities


Rent the snorkelling kit for a safe exploration. (Lycra long sleeve, snorkel mask and flippers, signal float, fish presentation pads)
10€ per person

The options are on reservation and can be paid on site

Nautical Activities

Snorkelling at Islet Madame

Equipped with fins; mask and snorkel you disembark by the quarterdeck and leave to explore the seabed. Your skipper will show you the way so that you will not miss anything, and will show you the different brochures on the marine life you will encounter. First you will discover the herbarium—the undersea prairies scattered with starfish, sea cucumbers and sea-urchins. If you are at ease in the water you can swim out to the coral reef—-patate de corail—-near to the islet. Although small it is home to a rich variety of fish, as well as corals, gorgons, sponges and anemones.

You can come with your own kit or rent the exploration kit.

The options are on reservation and can be paid on site

Practical informations


See you at 08:30 at the small beach just after the Yacht Club Felix Merine, Pointe Fort / Lynch, common Robert. Locate the meeting point .

What to bring

Bring bath towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, cap, swimsuit, lycra, windbreaker and flip flops, camera. Also bring your fins, mask and snorkel if you have some.

Information to provide us (1 week before the day Dénébola)

– The chosen option for lunch
– The desired nautical options: “snorkelling”
– The age of the children (for the size of the vests).
– A phone number on which we can reach you.

How to come

From Le Lamentin
On the RN1 direction Robert / Trinité, 1st exit at the roundabout of the shopping center GEANT Casino. At the Giant roundabout, take straight ahead. Next roundabout take the second exit.
From Le François
At the Robert 3 school roundabout, straight ahead, next roundabout straight, after Proxi store 1st on the right, along the seaside; at the gendarmerie on the left, next roundabout 2nd exit then next roundabout 1st exit.
You pass between a school and a pharmacy. Next roundabout, take the second exit. You leave a football field and basketball court on your right. Next intersection take straight ahead. Continue straight to the end of the path. At the last descent, you will have the yacht club on your right. Join us in front of the caravan Denebola near the small beach.

CAUTION traffic jam during the week
If you come from the south, avoid Ducos and Lamentin and go through Petit Bourg then direction François to join the D1 which leads you to Robert.

Your contact

Délice on 06 96 170 700

Délice Advise

Tips for beginners in snorkelling

Remember to test your mask and snorkel before getting away from the boat (this will give you time to change if necessary). The mask strap should not be too tight and should fit in the middle of the back of the skull. Remember to check that no hair is trapped in the mask for a better seal. In order to avoid fogging in the mask you can apply toothpaste or spit in the mask. If your snorkel fills with water you can either remove it from the mouth to empty it or blow very hard to evacuate the water.
The fins are used to advance faster without getting tired. It is therefore important to make the proper movement. To feel good, you have to lie down on the water and put yourself in tiptoe (as in classical dance). Then it’s a chisel movement that starts from the hip. A loose movement and not too fast not to run out of steam. (Avoid bending your knees too much, do not be too stiff either …) remember to sink your fins in the water so they are propellant and do not hit the surface of the water. There is no right foot or left foot. To make sure the fins are the right size, put your foot on the ground and lift only the heel. If the palm stays with your foot: it’s good!

The preservation of fauna and flora
When you are above the coral reef, remember to lie down. If one stands up the fins go to the bottom and may damage the coral and gorgonians who are very fragile. Build on your signal float to stabilize your surface and explore without having to swim. (It’s also a lot more relaxing) Avoid touching animals (especially lion fish and stone fish) and moving rocks. Avoid solar oil that is harmful to coral. Do not try to feed the animals.

For your safety we impose the use of a signal float. It is imperative to know how to swim. When you move outside the swimming area, be very attentive to the boats that can come dock on the pontoon.

Dénébola Day

8:30pm - 4:30am
From70€/ adult
  • Small group : 9 maxi
  • 100% navigation by sail
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Calm and friendly ambiance (no music)


The boat

Dénébola is the only Kaïdoz 31 on Martinique. It’s a modern yacht giving the sensation of smooth speed,  with a fine-touch helm, a design worthy of a racing yacht, and comfort because of her big shady cockpit and cushioned seating.


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For any additional questions or requests, you can contact us by phone at+596 696 17 07 00 or by email.

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